Business Setup, Accounting & Taxes For Freelance
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Spend less time on bureaucracy and more time creating! If you feel overwhelmed with all the thoughts regarding (accounting, tax, company structure or rather lack of.. Stop right now and take this course. In no time you'll have an understanding of all the important moving parts and what you should do now to start saving money and being ready for tax season. Your mentor, Alex Winkler, has spent almost a decade starting his own businesses and always being a freelancer on the side as well. Alex knows first hand what works best and is eager to share his simple approaches with you. Have your accounting in check and be ready for tax season while saving time and money. In this class you'll learn: How to automate your accountingBest legal structures for your businessBe ready for tax seasonWhat questions you should always ask yourselfHow to save time and money in the processYou'll be ready to start or optimize your accounting and taxes and be able to ask questions during this course. Even if you do not yet have a company, this course can help you prepare for when you are ready. Ignorance is NOT bliss in the finance world so having a basic understanding will set you apart and save you a massive amount of time and money down the road. No past knowledge or specific software is required. However, we will be using referencing QuickBooks as one of the tools to help save time. Pro Tip: Get involved with the course, ask questions and do the course project. You'll learn more in the course project video.--Your assignment two parts:(1) Your class project is to ask question(s) at the end of each video lesson. This will guarantee you are thinking about what can work for you and your business. You'll also help to create a learning environment where we can learn from each other. Every time I get several questions together that can help the group I'll make a new video summarizing the questions.(2) At the end of the course upload picture of your company structureWrite down on paper or computer your ideal company typeTake a picture or screenshotUpload it to the course projectWrite in the description why this structure fits your businessMaterials: Use whatever pencils, paper, markers and/or digital options you have available. Getting Started: Review 'Lesson 2: Class Project' to get the overview. With each step take notes and revise. Sharing Your Work: Share your business structure with the class by uploading it to the Your Project section. If you have any questions, please let me know! I'm happy to help. It doesn't matter if your course project looks totally different from others. Do what works for you. Rewatch the 'Class Project' video for more information.