An Introduction to Google Drive for Beginners
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For so many people, any form of file storage can be a bit of a headache. It becomes the junk drawer of your computer, but Google Drive's built-in features help declutter and organize it all. In this course, we will begin with anytime, anywhere access, how to navigate around Google Drive, and how to adjust your display. Then we'll spend time looking at settings, in particular focusing on offline access so that you never have to skip a beat. We'll also cover how wonderful Microsoft Office files work with Google Drive, so it's more than okay if you live between 2 words, Google and Microsoft. In our second section, we'll cover all of the organization tips and tricks and how to search and share files. We have some secret naming tricks that will leave you wondering how no one has shared this before. We'll cover how Drive has saved the day for those with multiple file versions and a few other tips and tricks that will change your file management forever. And finally, as a bonus for Workspace users, we'll cover Priority Drive and Shared Drives. Consider this course your first step to cleaning out that junk drawer of files. By the end of this course, learners will be able to: Navigate Google Drive's interface with ease for efficient file access. Adjust Google Drive display settings to suit personal preferences. Enable and manage offline access to ensure continuous workflow. Integrate and operate Microsoft Office files within Google Drive. Apply secret naming tricks to simplify file identification. Utilize organization tips to declutter and categorize files. Perform advanced searches to locate specific files quickly. Share files securely with appropriate permissions. Manage Priority Drive and Shared Drives for optimal collaboration. This course includes:1+ hours of video tutorials19 individual video lecturesCertificate of completion