UK GDPR UK General Data Protection Regulation -Oleren Course


A Course on a page - understand Anti Money Laundering by going through the course on 1 page! In this course you hear from someone in the field, who sees UK GDPR issues on a day to day basis from small small companies to multi billion dollar multi nationals. This is an Oleren Course on a page. Gain the fundamentals in 1 hour rather than spend hours where you wont remember the content. You never really remember 50 page slides or 5-10 hour courses 3 months later, but with Oleren we fit the key words and go through the course on ONE! summary page. You are likely to retain / remember the content for longer if you refer back to the one page and see the key words. This is called Oleren COAP (Oleren Course on a Page).Our key instructor has had years working across various industries and trained thousands of people. He has worked with multi $billion dollar multinationals where training had been provided to thousands of people across 60+ countries and as a result have come up with the Oleren concept to training. He has used many learning tools and comes with first hand practical experience with examples of how to apply course topics in the real world. This is the main difference between our instructor and others. He is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with over 16 years experience in the finance and consulting industry engaged with various clients across, Investment Banking, Retail, Online E-Commerce, Investment Banking, Law, Medical, Pharma etc.Oleren is a platform that produces learning materials for the Oleren Platform. Oleren has its own certification for courses.