Build an e-store using Next.js(v12), Figma, GraphQL, PayPal.
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If you are a beginner web developer with React then this course is great match for you. This is a project based course which covers all the steps to build a fully functional ecommerce website from scratch. I will show you HOW to use all of those technologies, tools and services together in one full project, and we will start from the idea, design the frontend with Figma which is the best free design tool today, then we will create and manage the products in the backend with the excellent CMS from Hygraph ( rebranding from GraphCMS ), then we will fetch the products using GraphQL for the frontend we will use NextJS which probably you already know its a React Framework, then we will implement authentication and protected routes with Auth0, add payments with PayPal, we will have fully functional cart page and contact page with a form in it that actually sends emails using EmailJS After we are done with the coding we will push the code on GitHub, then link our GitHub repo with our account on Vercel where we are going to deploy our project live online for free. And the best of all.. all of this by using only free tools and services.