Mobile App Testing: Key Instruments and Practices
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In modern world business is paying more and more attention to mobile technology. The mobile devices market is growing several times faster than the PC market, allowing to realize new opportunities for development and promotion of the most innovative business ideas. With all this demand for mobile applications testers is also increasing. Mobile software development is a new and fast growing industry, so developers and testers have to solve not only the typical IT problems, but also to overcome ones emerging in the process, yet unexplored difficulties. The fact that the tools for development and testing are under development themselves adds one more layer of difficulty. This training aims to help you overcome the difficulties encountered when testing mobile applications. The course is designed both for beginners who intend to work in the mobile testing and for already working mobile testers who want to improve their skills. During the training you will learn how to work with mobile testing tools: phones, emulators, proxy, IDE. Particular emphasis is placed on work with the Android platform as the most widespread mobile operating system at the moment. Also, you will learn to use more advanced technology: statistics collection, mobile application testing strategy construction, the use of third-party services and organization of various types of testing. The training is designed not only for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also on its refinement, allowing to learn in practice how to apply the skills of mobile applications tester. Please note, although this training is complete, I will add more information on Android, iOS and Mobile Web testing later. So if you buy it now, you will get new information for free!