Package Like A Pro: how to produce news packages for TV
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International TV news networks are becoming increasingly reliant on freelance reporters where their access to a story or breaking news is limited. Unfortunately, it's hard to find skilled freelance correspondents in many of these regions who can deliver the quality of packaged news most networks are looking for. Package Like A Pro is designed to help you fill that gap and jump-start your journalism career while making a living. This course narrows down the skills many news correspondents and senior producers spend at least a decade learning on the job. Now at your fingertips, you can become the go-to-source for the stories happening around you while taking advantage of the opportunity to shape the narratives of the stories breaking in your region of the world with respect to the ethics of good journalism. This course is appropriate for mid-career or young journalists, journalists fresh out of J-school who want to rise quickly in the newsroom, content creators, writers, VJs, freelancers, and anyone trying to jumpstart a career in freelance journalism. You'll learn what makes a good news story, why international news media would be interested in airing it, how to write and voice a script, and how to film a signature Piece To Camera.