ChatGPT AI Voice Chatbot Build with React and FAST API Combo
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Develop a human-like voice assistant with ChatGPT and Eleven Labs to make one of the most advanced Chatbots today so that you can prove that not only will coders survive the AI transition happening right now, but that they will thrive. With just some basic knowledge on python and javascript, you are going to build Rachel Chat, a chatbot which uses the power of ChatGPT for conversation, whether it be for sales, teaching you Spanish (or any language), talking about sci-fi movies - whatever your interest and application is. Companies are looking for developers who can build such tools and SAAS startups have a window to be first. If you are curious as to how you can connect new AI technologies to change the world then THIS is the course for you. You will learn: How to work with the Open AI API and Eleven Labs APIHow to integrate React and FastAPI to build efficient and robust full-stack applicationsHow to build a voice assistant that actually sounds human (you can even use your own voice)How to perform prompt engineering so that you can truly leverage and customise the power of AI large language modelsWe are truly excited to see what you develop, so make sure you share your application with the world. See you in class! Shaun