Welcome to the World of Language without words Level 2.Listen with your Eyes - Speak with your HandsNo previous knowledge is needed!In this course you'll learn in American Sign Language:Professions - Question keys - Key locations - Home signs - Action verbs - Food & Eating - Weekdays & time - Tenses: Present, Past & FutureThe course will benefit anyone's profession in private/customer relations - Retail, Restaurants, Airports, Government & banking sectors, hospitals etc.Boost your career & Personal DevelopmentExpand your awareness & knowledge in communicating with the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing worldAmerican Sign Language is the Global sign language Deaf people use in their travels, Business & Everyday life.Did you know?Even though Deaf people use Sign Language, not everyone who uses Sign Language is Deaf.Learning Sign Language opens doors to communicate with anyone experiencing any sort of language processing challenge for example:Stroke victims & cerebral palsy patients - Children with Autism and Asperger's syndrome (as a middle step for processing language) - Any individual with Apraxia or Down syndrome - Elderly People - Children too young to speak, etc.Sign language is for everyone, It is also used in daily communications by:Fire fighters - Police officers - Medical staff - Scuba divers - Stock traders - Airports staff - Construction sitesFactories - Sports fields - Concerts - Radio/TV Stations, etc.· "Deafness/Hard of hearing is not a disability but only a difference in human experience & perception."