Financial Advisor Training: Team Building
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Every successful financial planner, at some point, has to hire staff to continue to grow their business. As financial planners, we want to hire superstars. We want that perfect staffing model that can help us do our work for us. Just imagine having a well-oiled machine where your job is to hang out and encourage your team while they do your work for you-to stop having your business run you, and instead become the CEO of your business. After interviewing hundreds of financial planners, we discovered the top sixteen things they worry about when it comes to building and managing their teams. Ask yourself, have you ever had any of the following concerns?"How am I going to pay for my staff?""My staff are making more money than I am.""I don't know how to hire people?""What if I hire the wrong person?""When and how do I fire people?""I don't know how to manage well.""How do I come up with a compelling pay plan?""I don't know how to train people.""Attracting high quality people is a challenge for me.""What assessments do I use to find the right staff?""How do I hold people accountable and monitor my staff?""How do I instill intrinsic motivation?""I struggle with difficult conversations.""I don't know how to foster a collaborative environment.""Empowering others is something I'm having a hard time doing.""How do I build and keep a great team culture?"We'll address how to handle each of these sixteen concerns and more in this program. You'll learn how to find, assess and qualify the right people, create compelling compensation and team culture, communicate with and empower your staff, and motivate your dream team. Most gurus just say, "Here's the gold dust," but many advisors don't know what to do with the "treasure" or it simply doesn't work. The point is that the gurus often don't give the precursors as to why it works. Conversely, in this program, we will break down each and every technique to make it simple for you to understand. We will tell you why it works so that you can apply your knowledge to new situations day after day. In each circumstance, you will know how to hire and retain a suite of staff that get things done, listen to you, and work well with you, your prospects and your clients. This program will help you with fourteen key areas of your practice:1. Triple your business investment with the right people2. Find people to hold you accountable and grow your team3. Create the framework for your staff to stand on their own two feet4. Become a cog in the wheel of your business5. Create a desire on both sides of the table6. Ensure your new hires are consciously competent7. Stockpile key team building intelligence for future success.8. Function in your happiest, most profitable place as a team9. Take your staff from good to great (or from crappy to ok)10. Fix staff problems before they become a problem11. Increase your business capacity while you do less work12. Move people from liking what they do to loving what they do13. Get your office on track to grow and succeed14. Implement indispensable team management information into your everyday practice. Specifically, You Will Learn How To: Session #1: Build Your Case for Hiring StaffAssess the Current State Your BusinessFigure Out What You Need Right NowMake it Safe to Hire StaffSession #2: Find the Right PeopleLook Internally FirstLook ExternallyHire a RecruiterSession #3: Create Compelling CompensationIdentify Their MotivationDetermine What to PromiseCreate Alternatives Beyond MoneySession #4: Assess and Qualify PeopleAssign Deal-Breaker AssessmentsAssign Fun-Style AssessmentsWeed Out RiffraffSession #5: Interview and Attract Great Team MembersCreate a Compelling InterviewAttract Them in the InterviewChallenge Them in the InterviewSession #6: Onboard New Hires SuccessfullySet Employment ExpectationsAllow Them to FailSet Team CultureSession #8: Build an Accountability SystemCreate Metrics of AccountabilityIntroduce a Culture of ResponsibilityMaintain a Culture of ResponsibilitySession #9: Motivate Your Dream TeamGet Buy-in on Your VisionInstill Intrinsic MotivationGet People UnstuckSession #10: Keep the Communication Door OpenProactively Discuss Concerns Before Problems OccurLeverage Third PartiesConduct Meaningful Weekly MeetingsSession #11: Empower Your Staff to be Self-SufficientPaint the Efficiency PictureMake Yourself InaccessibleManage Realistic ExpectationsSession #12: Enrich Your Team CultureHave Profitable Team RetreatsMake the Daily Office Routine EnjoyableFind Their Ultimate RewardSession #13: Have Difficult ConversationsPut someone on a Performance PlanPeacefully Fire SomeoneHandle Staff ConflictsWhy Rule the Room Financial?There are three key reasons why Rule the Room Financial is different: You'll learn WHY it works. We don't just show you how to do it or what to do. We tell you WHY it works so you can learn to "fish" on your own. You'll learn in YOUR unique communication style. We all communicate differently. That's why every lesson is taught with four unique selling styles (fascinator, performer, inspirer, and energizer) taught by four of the top producing financial advisors in the country: Katherine Forrester, Chris Koon, Karl Dettmann, and Matt Heckmann. You'll be able to APPLY practical techniques right away. This training actually makes sense. World-renowned trainer, Jason Teteak, is able to decode the magic that happens when top reps are meeting with their clients. He then bottles up the secret sauce and presents it to you so you can easily understand how to use it in your own style and apply it to any situation. How is Build and Manage Your Team Different?This program is going show you how to hire and retain a suite of staff that get things done, listen to you, and work well with you, your prospects and your clients. This will double or triple your revenue. We'll also take you step-by-step through the process of how you can train your staff to be self-sufficient, prospect and set meeting for you, and handle all of your doghouse activities to give you more freedom to do what you really are good at and what you love to do. If you're looking for more freedom in your practice, and want to see your team and your practice grow to unprecedented heights, then this course is for you. You'll learn new techniques for finding, assessing, qualifying and interviewing the right people, creating compelling compensation and building a team culture of accountability, motivation, communication and empowerment. You may have seen other "gurus" teach you how to build and manage your team. Chances are, they gave you their language, and you may even use it verbatim. There is a 75% chance that they didn't give you the right language for your style. Most gurus don't explain why it works; they just assure you that it does. If you're going to make up your own language, you need to understand why it works. The reason we are so excited to have you see John, Karl, Matt, and Chris dive in on some of this is that through the process of being taught by them, you will find new pieces of gold that are within you that you didn't even know were there. And these discoveries will help you become a better advisor. We're going to prove it in this program with real case studies that will give you some amazing ideas for your own practice. As a collective group, we have come up with some fantastic stuff. The techniques in this program will help you get over the team-building hump to become the CEO of your business. It is exciting to see what you will uncover. One of these four communication styles will be right up your alley, and the others will offer good insight and complement the things you're already doing. Testimonials: "The training at Rule the Room was incredible! The timing couldn't have been better. I was struggling to build and  manage my team and I couldn't see a path out. I knew it was there, I just had to find it. Your course was instrumental in highlighting the path."    -Paul Anderson, Financila Planner"We are excited to be partnering with Rule the Room and our Financial Representatives are benefiting from our weekly meetings and training. They love the ability to understand multiple different ways to communicate the value of what we are providing for our clients. The ability to understand how different people respond to different motivators has been awesome!"    -Kevin Lawhon, Managing Partner"This program has given me tactical, real techniques that have not only helped me survive but thrive better in this career. It also enabled me to embrace my natural style and find leaders who I can more easily emulate to propel my business further, faster."    -Jessica Veitch, Financial PlannerLet's get started!...