Learn French for Arabic speakers تعلم الفرنسية للمبتدئين


This course is presented for beginners who speak arabic to learn French language with animated avatar. In this course, there are all French basics such as alphabet with words and their correct pronunciation, you will find also colors, numbers, shapes. In the course you will find sentences that show you how to use shapes and colors together. The course shows you the importance of healthy food and warn humans not to eat unhealthy food. The course shows also the importance to eat daily green salads and fruits. The learner will find difference between fruits and vegetables in an easy story; it is a dialogue between a tomato and an apple to highlight their similarities and differences. In the course, the learner will learn the table ware and how to eat with them. The course shows the difference between wild animals, pets and farm animals and what they eat. You will learn about different jobs with a short story. In this course you will learn school supplies , opposites, rooms in your house, days, months and seasons. In the course you will get the difference between winter and summer clothes and what do you have to wear in each season. You will learn face and body parts, family members and how to make a correct French dialogue. After each theme, there is an assignment to activate the interaction between the teacher and the student. The course attracts the student' attention by using photos and sounds.



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