Build Quiz, Crypto, Game and Instagram Reel App with Flutter
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This course is best suitable for all level flutter app developers who wants to build their career in flutter freelancing. This course is contained with 3 apps and 1 game application -Quiz App - To learn the basic structure of the flutter apps. It contains 3 screens only. In this section we are making a quiz app Crypto Currency App - To learn how to consume REST APIs in your flutter app. Space Attackers (game) - To build a game by using flutter core concept. Instagram Reel Clone - To get hands on firebase, authentication and CRUD operations. Each and every line is explained in great detail, by two mentors in one course. You'll also be provided with our discord community link to join, for any doubts, errors and etc. This course is structured in a way that a beginner slowly slides to the top of the flutter knowledge in no time. You also get a certificate from udemy certifying that you have successfully completed this course. All the newbie developers should try this course. There is no pre-requisite in this course, you just have to install the flutter on your machine and start coding with us. Not only this you'll be guided for freelancing. So, don't wait just slide into this course and experience flutter power.