Real Estate Investing and Resort Vacation Rentals
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In this course, you will learn a type of real estate investing that is used but not readily recognized in the business of real estate investing. You will learn the characteristics of resort vacation rental investing or resort condominium investing and how this type of property investment combines the features of a condominiums and a hotel. Resort condominiums are also known as condotels. Condotels are essentially condo units within a hotel complex that are available for individual ownership. You will learn what condotels are and how to find them. You will learn how to read real estate listings, how to research the best areas for finding and investing in resort condominiums. We will also dig into how to get condotels financed and why, to everyone's surprise, it is largely just like financing a first time home or a second home. We share with you resort investment locations from coast to coast across the country and how you can find places in the mountains, the cities and at the beach and what makes this a great investment opportunity. Learn how to read real estate listings to get an idea of the property under review will make your real estate investment list. We discuss what to do before closing, during and after closing.