QuickBooks Online for New Business Owners


This course focuses on the recommended features and best practices for new business owners using QuickBooks Online and was created by an experienced CPA, tax accountant, and QBO user. This course is intended for small business owners that do not have a background in accounting. This is a step-by-step guide that starts from scratch by choosing a QBO plan and covers connecting bank feeds to import transactions, categorizing transactions, and running reports that can be used to review the performance of your business, make informed decisions, and aid in filing tax returns.This course dives in to using QuickBooks Online just as you will do for your business. I will walk you through connecting the bank feeds for the business checking & credit cards and actually recording transactions. In this course, I go over dozens of common transactions where I explain what they are for and show you how to categorize the transactions, including creating bank rules to automate recording transactions.This course offers an optional section where I provide info on the basics of accounting to give you a foundation you can build upon that helps explain how we will be recording transactions in this course and the results you will end up with.This course provides general information that is intended to be widely applicable to small business owners. Not all of this information will be applicable to your unique situation. This course is not a replacement for an accountant or an attorney. I highly recommend you consult with an experienced accountant and attorney before forming your business and throughout the life of your business.