Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Talking to others is a skill, and managing the conversation to serve both sides of the communication is an art that not many possess. You can master this department from the Business Academy. The diploma is more like a comprehensive position for everything that a worker needs in the field of customer service, starting with the basic concepts in the field and the most important skills that must be acquired. And up to the strategies to win customers and requests of the successful as well.In this course we will be covering an overview of what is CRM, and How can your business benefit from it. by understanding the importance of Marketing & Fulfillments and how to Customer Service & Support for Retention & Loyalty also the ones at Store Front & Field Services to help you increase Sales throughout Cross-Sell/Upsell/Tele SalesOutcomes:By the end of this course, attendees will be able to demonstrate their competencein, and their ability to understand:What is CRM?CRM CategorizationCRM Process & BenefitsAnd how to Implement CRMCourse Content:Section 1: Introduction to CRMLecture 1: CRM OverviewLecture 2: L1-L2 Why CRM - Part 1Lecture 3: L1-L2 Why CRM - Part 2Lecture 4: L1-L2 Why CRM - Part 3Lecture 5: What is the meaning of CRMLecture 6: How does CRM WorkLecture 7: CRM CyclesSection 2: CRM Roles & ResponsibilitiesLecture 1: Elements of CRM - Part 1Lecture 2: Elements of CRM - Part 2 Lecture 3: Why CRM Foundation MattersLecture 4: CRM CategorizationLecture 5: CRM ProcessLecture 6: Innovative Marketing and CRMLecture 7: The 4 C's of the CRM ProcessLecture 8: Business Benefits of CRMLecture 9: Types of CRM Solutions and how to implement itLecture 10: What can CRM system doLecture 11: Potential Drawbacks of CRMAudience:• Managers• Business Owners• Entrepreneurs