Certification Guide For Python 2 Course


What is Python 2?Python 2 made code development process easier than earlier versions. It implemented technical details of Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP). Python 2.7 (last version in 2.x ) is no longer under development and in 2020 will be discontinued.Although, Python 2 is an old open source version here are where you still need to learn Python 2:To become a DevOps engineer and you need to work with configurations management tools like puppet or ansible. Here, you need to work with both of these versions.If your company's code written in Python 2, you will require to learn to work with thatIf your development team is working on a project that depends on specific third-party libraries or software which you are not able to port to Python 3, then Python 2 is the only option available for you.nou.n this Python course you will learn the basics of Python from scratch. This comprehensive course will teach you the basics of Python, Python Statements, Python Functions, Tuples, Operators, Numbers in Python, Uses of Strings and Programming in Python. If you want to learn Python 3 then this is the course for you. But we will also cover Python 2. This course is designed to take you beginner to advanced in Python. Work on Real World as a professional Python programmer using this comprehensive course!