SEO Wordpress: Rank Higher in Google, Bing & Yahoo
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If you're NOT currently ranking on the first page of search engines - you're missing out! Because the first page of Googlegets the mosttraffic, prospects, and ultimately more profits. But- this course is gonna change that! Now you can learn the SEOsecrets & methods ofgettinghigh ranking positions too. My tips are simple, workable and effective. Heres what makes my course different:-No technical knowledge is required. Perfect for complete beginners-Learn my step-by-step optimization process so you can rank all your content higher in the search engines- How to maintain yourfirst page rankingswhen everyone elses is panicking about Google'salgorithm changes. NOTE: This isnt a temporary trick, so you never have to worry aboutgetting penalized. This course covers: What is SEO?How Do Search Engines Like Google Work?Black Hat, White Hat & GrayHat SEOThe Top Google Ranking Factors for 2018How to Install & Use Yoast SEO PluginHow to Optimize Your Tags, Categories, Imagesand Permalinks for higher rankingsHow to Get Reviews to Show Up Next to Your Content inGoogleWhy Content is King in SEO & How to Produce Quality ContentHow to Get an SEO Audit of Your Site for FREEHow to Remove Bad BacklinksHow to Save Hundreds on SEO ServicesBusiness Listings for SEOPLUS a few BONUSES you're gonna love! Sasha, How Do YouKnow So Much About SEO?I've been in the SEO-game for about 8 years now. For those 8 years most of my income came from doing keyword research and optimization servicesboth through my own company and through Freelancing. While I'm no longer a service provider, I stilluse Google'sengine every single day which means SEO and keywords are still very important for us to understand asonline business workers. Who Will Most Benefit From This Course?Whether you're a blogger, author, digital marketer, coach, consultant, or any other type of online professional looking to increase your keyword rankings, traffic and your visibility in the search engines, you'll benefit greatlybylearning the tips in this course. Why Is Optimization Important?Aperfectlyoptimized article can bring in 100's or even 1000's of hungry visitors looking to buy something. So once you know the keywords you want to focus on, we'll dive into each element of optimization that you'll do in every article you create. My articles rank well in Google because I follow these ideas. I only focus on a single keyword or long tail keywordphrase at a time whichallowsme a better opportunity to rank higher in thesearch engines. What are you waiting for?Enroll right nowand discover how to optimize your content like a pro toincrease your SEO and traffic. Still Need More Reasons to Take This Course?You getlifetime accessto course material. You canask me questionsandsee me respondto every single one of them thoughtfully! The techniques you will learn in this course aresimple, easyand effective! Master the art of finding easier-to-ranklong-tail keywords. The same strategies used for clients. This course will also layout how to best use your keywords for maximum SEOand build content around keywords that will drive organic traffic to your blog, squeeze page, website, store or social media profile! In this course, you will learn how to achievePerfect SEO Optimized Articles to Rank Page 1 on Googlefrom beginner level to advanced methods, including the use of wordpress SEO plugins like Yoast, plus a few special BONUSES I know you'll love! See you inside!



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