Wattbricks Energy Inc. MP330 Portable Power Station 330W Solar Generator
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Wattbricks Energy's Portable Power Station MP330 is lightweight and delivers 330W of rated output . While maintaining a sleek, portable design, MP330 is one of the best options for portable power on the market . Whether you are camping, off-grid living, working on your work site or simply powering your devices during an outage, this power station is ideal for recreational applications .The MP330 can be recharged in three different ways: Wattbricks Energy Inc Portable Solar Panel (120W Panel sold separately)  Wall AC Car DCWith the MP330, you can charge your cell phone without sacrificing a port, since it comes with a wireless charger built-in . A built-in LED light to light up your campsite conveniently . Wattbricks Energy Inc . Provides a renewable energy source that you can use indoors and outdoors without polluting the environment . Experience unlimited power with Wattbricks Energy Portable Solar Panel (sold separately) and continuously recharge and use the Wattbricks Energy Inc . MP330 Portable Power Station .


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