Black Rifle Coffee Company Tactisquatch, Dark Roast Ground (40 oz.)
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Black Rifle's 40oz Tactisquatch Ground Coffee is a dark roasted Honduras Arabica bean with tasting notes of black currant, molasses, and orange . The pleasant aromas of this coffee are as memorable as a near Tactisquatch sighting in the woods . Each 40oz bag of coffee will make about 53 cups .The various roasts of Black Rifle Coffee Company provide everyone from the beginner to the advanced coffee drinker with a different way to experience our high-quality coffee .Light Roast offers a smoother, more easy-drinking experience . Medium Roast has the most balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity .Dark Roast brings a more heavy body and richer flavor with lower acidity .Extra Dark Roast delivers the richest, most smoky flavor from our coffee roaster .


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