Copper Moon Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee, Ethiopian Blend (32 oz.)
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Copper Moon Coffee Ethiopian Single Origin* is sourced from the Sidama Zone of Ethiopia, Africa (1,700-2,100-meter elevation) . As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is known throughout the world for its rich coffee profiles . Copper Moon's "natural" processing brings out the slightly nutty quality of the beans but tends to be overshadowed by the robust fruitiness of grapefruit . Experience this coffee, like a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, when sharing a cup is an invitation of friendship .About Copper Moon Inspired by the perfect alignment of a "copper moon," their family roastery in Lafayette, Indiana, is focused on a simple mission: to create evenly roasted, uniquely smooth, high-grade coffee-giving you a perfectly satisfying taste that's out of this world . For thousands of years, civilizations have been fascinated by the precious beauty of the rarely seen "copper moon ." A brief moment when the Sun, Earth and Full Moon perfectly align, turning the silver Moon to a fiery copper during the Lunar Eclipse . So, whether you are preparing for interstellar travel or just trying to get out the door on time-whatever the journey-always remember to Reach for the Moon . Reach for the Moon™Copper Moon's commitment to roasting great coffee also helps to inspire others to do great things . Big things . Otherworldly things . Or the one thing that gets you out of bed every morning . If they can give you the fuel to achieve your goals, that means they've achieved theirs . Because when you're a family-run business, you can't help but think of each person who drinks your coffee as one of your own . That's why they never settle for just good enough . They keep reaching for the moon, so you will too .See Copper Moon Rising®Copper Moon Coffee has created their own globally sustainable coffee bean sourcing program focusing outwardly to achieve a positive social, economic and environmental impact . They search for the best high elevation, low elevation, organic, single origin coffee beans from


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