flexH2O 75ft Lightweight Performance Hose
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Make light work of your household gardening needs with the flex H2O™ 75ft Lightweight Performance Hose .50% Lighter The flex H2O 75ft Lightweight Performance Hose is 50% lighter than most standard garden hoses and provides you with easy coiling, maneuverability and compact, convenient storage . Your package includes a single, 75-foot long hose with an inside diameter of half an inch .Can You Use It in the Cold?The flex H2O 75ft Lightweight Performance Hose features a flexible inner core that provides maximum flexibility in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit . Even around corners, this lightweight performance hose won't kink .Made with High-Quality Materials This garden hose is made with high-quality materials such as high quality brass couplings and an extremely durable jacket that glides smoothly over cobbled ground, decks and patios without scuffing or snagging . The material on this garden hose is also abrasion and puncture resistant, so there's no need to keep the duct tape handy when you're using this durable, lightweight performance hose . The brass couplings featured on this hose are ergonomically made and are crush resistant . The pliable core of the garden hose allows for uninterrupted water flow and no kinking . The hose does not retract or expand .What's the Water Pressure?The flex H2O 75ft Lightweight Performance Hose provides a high burst of water pressure at 600 psi . Also, the water from the hose is safe to use as drinking water and is manufactured with FDA sanctioned materials . This garden hose also complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act . This compliance means the garden hose is lead-safe . In order to become compliant, the product undergoes multiple periods of testing, including periodic testing, material change testing requirements, and the possibility of testing cost relief associated with component parts . These testing standards are made to ensure the product contains lead limits and is safe for use by all .


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