Pablo's Pride Gourmet Coffee, Whole Bean, Guatemala (2 lb.)
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Pablo's Pride® Gourmet Coffee, Whole Bean, Guatemala (2 lb .) is a unique blend featuring a rich and lively aroma, velvety body, low acidity and a sweet, pleasant aftertaste . What Makes Don Pablo's Specialty Coffees the Best? With their own farms in Colombia, Don Pablo's Coffee is an extended family of coffee growers and roasters, and they have life-long relationships with growers in Guatemala and many other Central and South American countries . These relationships provide them with a dedicated supply of the finest specialty grade Arabica coffee available . They use only newly harvested beans, and never blend them with inferior beans . Their quality grader on staff ensures the quality of every bean that they roast . How Is Pablo's Pride Gourmet Coffee, Whole Bean, Guatemala Roasted? Don Pablo's Coffee roasts their beans in small batches in a process that is half art and half science; caramelizing the natural sugars in the beans to bring out their optimum flavor . Freshness Is Everything Don Pablo's coffee roast to order in regional small-batch roasting facilities in the U .S . They never roast overseas, on a production schedule, or allow distributors to warehouse their coffee . They also do not require large minimum orders, guaranteeing that every customer gets the freshest coffee possible . You can smell the difference in each bag! How Do I Brew Pablo's Pride Gourmet Coffee, Whole Bean, Guatemala? The best way to enjoy your cup of coffee, is to grind it at home right before you plan on enjoying it . For a balanced cup of coffee, they recommend 10 to 11 grams of coffee, or the equivalent to one slightly rounded tablespoon, per ¾ cup (6 oz) of water . Make your coffee as strong or as mild as you like by adjusting the ratio of coffee to water .


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