Mrs. Baird's Hot Dog Buns (16 ct.)


Mrs Bairds® Hot Dog Buns are perfect for your backyard barbecues, tailgate parties and family get-togethers, in the summer and all year long. The hot dog rolls are made in Texas in traditional fashion.What Can I Use Mrs Baird's Hot Dog Buns For?For hot dogs! This hot dog bread roll is six inches long, which is the standard size for a hot dog bun. These will work great for bratwurst also though. One of the best hot dog bun uses for parents is making sloppy joe sandwiches for little ones. Kids have an easier time eating from a bun that is closed on one side.Are Mrs Baird's Hot Dog Buns Pre-Sliced?Yes, the buns are sliced before they're put in the package. That makes them great for setting out for your guests at a barbecue. Your friends and family can just reach in and grab one, throw it on the plate and head to the grill for something delicious to put in it.Try This Great Hot Dog Bun RecipeTexas Chili Cheese Dog: 4 Mrs. Baird's Hot Dog Buns, 4 hot dogs, chili sauce (make from scratch or buy pre-made), shredded cheddar cheese, diced red onion (optional) and pickled jalapeños (optional). Grill up the hot dogs. Put each hot dog in a bun. Put about 1/4 cup of chili on each. Add the cheese on top quickly so it can melt. Then garnish with the onions and jalapeños, if desired.Can I Find These Buns Everywhere?This brand is not sold in all Sam's Club stores. Some items are only available by region. These hot dog buns are not available in all regions nationwide.How Many Calories are in One Hot Dog Bun?One bun equals one serving of this bread. There are 120 calories in one bun.


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