Stanley Fatmax Professional Power Station with 120 PSI Air Compressor
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If you are stranded on the road with a dead car battery, the Stanley Professional Power Station is an all in one solution . It combines jump starting power, a 120 PSI air compressor with Autostop™ feature and portable USB power . With the heavy-duty cables and clamps, you can jumpstart your battery without the need for another vehicle . It even has a powerful 3-LED area light so you can see and work in the pitch dark . The Stanley Professional Power Station has four USB ports to charge up tablets, phones and most USB devices on the go . The compressor fills vehicle tires, bicycle tires and sports equipment with ease . This jump-starter even has the ability to check for potential alternator issues .Features Handle/roll bar Negative (-) black clamp Air hose and Sure Fit® Nozzle Positive (+) red clamp USB power button Compressor power button Compressor pressure control button (+)Backlit LCD screen Battery status button Alternator check button Jump starter power switch Area light power button LED area light Compressor pressure control button (-)USB ports Lower USB power/fault indicators Upper USB power/fault indicators Built-in 120 volt AC charger (under protective cover)Storage compartment cover Storage compartment Nozzle adapter


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