TP Link AC1200 Mesh Wifi Whole Home Wi-Fi (Deco M4)
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Get fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. Three Deco units work together to create a single network that provides coverage up to 5,500 sq. ft. and keeps your devices connected even as you move around. Enjoy super smooth streaming and gaming from your bedroom to your backyard. Deco comes with TP-Link Mesh technology which provides dynamic backhaul to intelligently switch bands based on traffic congestion and seamless roaming. Deco creates a network with a single name and password to keep all your devices connected as you move from room to room. Get the fastest connection every time with adaptive path selection to automatically find the best path and connection for every device. The Deco uses self-healing technology to automatically reroute Wi-Fi traffic if one of your Deco units goes down or loses power, so you can always stay connected. Deco also uses MU-MIMO technology to communicate with multiple devices at once, reducing wait time, and allowing everyone to hop online simultaneously. With the Deco, setup is easy. Simply plug a Deco unit into your modem, install the Deco app, and follow the in-app instructions for easy step by step setup. With parental controls, you can also easily monitor web activities. Create separate profiles for each family member that encompasses all their devices, control how much time they spend online and block inappropriate websites.You can even set filter levels based on age appropriate content, create time limits for how much time each person can spend online, create reports for site visits, and suspend Wi-Fi for occasions like dinner or family time.


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