Member's Mark Premium Chunk Chicken Breast 12.5 oz, 6 ct.
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Make mealtime easy with this Member's Mark™ Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (12 .5 oz ., 6 ct .) . Fully cooked and ready to serve, you may find this pleasantly convenient .This set of cans features deliciously tender chicken breast meat that can satisfy the whole family . The canned chicken contains no preservatives and arrives fully cooked . You can immediately chow down on some flavorful chunk chicken breast as soon as opening the can . These chicken chunks are selected for their premium quality, so they may be rich enough to fill you up and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day .Is Chunk Chicken Breast Healthy?Despite its irresistible flavor, this canned chicken also contains some healthy ingredients that can be rewarding . Because it's a good source of protein, chicken chunks can help you reach your daily nutritional goals . And since it's 98% fat free, you can savor the flavor without hurting your diet . In one can, you get chicken breast meat, water and salt-nothing else .Reliable and Convenient Option With six 12 .5 oz . cans in one set, this is ideal for anyone responsible for feeding a large number of people . And since this canned chicken is already cooked, this can be a great selection for those who need to prepare meals fast . Stored in a convenient pull tab container, so you do not need a can opener . Instead of going through the long, laborious process of cooking the meat yourself, this allows you to serve your family and friends premium quality chicken in very little time . Use it for any meal from chicken salad to pizzas to sandwiches and more .Produced by Veterans Member's Mark Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (12 .5 oz ., 6 ct .) is proudly supplied to us by Downs Food Group . Dick Downs is the CEO and chairman of the Board, and he is an honored veteran . They first started producing canned meat items for the military during the Vietnam War, of which Dick Downs served in . He was drafted, spent 17 weeks in Fort Lewis, Washington and then 14 months in the mount


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