Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread 20 oz., 2 pk.


Sara Lee Honey Wheat Split Top is a great choice for large families, daycares or big groups of people. This sweet Sara Lee wheat bread adds a bit of honey for a little bit of sweetness.Why Sara Lee?A baker named Charlie Lubin started Sara Lee back in 1948. He named it after his daughter and was dedicated to making sure everything he baked was worthy of her name. The bakery was a huge success, eventually being sold in 1956 and then growing into the Sara Lee Corporation in 1985.As the Sara Lee Corporation, the company expanded into a handful of different markets before deciding to return to their roots and really focus on the thing that started it all. In 2009, they opened a state-of-the-art research facility called the Kitchen of Sara Lee where they continue to innovate and bring you delicious baked goods worth of the Sara Lee name.Why Choose Sara Lee Honey Wheat Split Top?Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread adds just a hint of sweetness that makes everything taste a bit better. This recipe used classic Sara Lee wheat bread and adds just a touch of honey for a yummy twist on an old classic. Another thing that's great about it is what's not in it. Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread contains no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors or colors. One slice is only 70 calories with zero trans fats plus it's low fat and cholesterol free. That's not all-it's also a good source of vitamin D and folic acid.


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