Israeli Ruscus - 200 Stems
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We've got a green wonder that's about to elevate your event game . It's the Member's Mark™ Israeli Ruscus, and it's ready to bring some serious flair to your larger-than-life occasions .Green Charm that Steals the Show Meet the Israeli Ruscus, a vibrant and luscious green plant that's the life of the party . Whether it's a wedding, communion, graduation or any celebration that's on your radar, this green gem is here to make its mark .Imagination Meets Greenery Let your imagination run wild, because this plant is a blank canvas for your creativity . Picture this: the lush Israeli Ruscus greenery elegantly adorning your event space . It's like nature's touch of magic, making your venue feel like a fairy tale .Mix, Match and Make Magic Got a big wedding on the horizon? Imagine the Israeli Ruscus paired with other vibrant blooms . Whether it's red, pink or white flowers, they'll pop against the beautiful green backdrop . Tables and counters? They'll practically come to life .Home Sweet Green Home This beauty isn't just for big bashes . Take the Israeli Ruscus home and let it transform your living space, garden or any corner that needs a splash of nature's charm .Box Full of Green Dreams In each box, you'll find 20 bunches of Israeli Ruscus, and each bunch boasts 10 stems . With a stem length of approximately 20-24', you've got some serious green goodness to work with .So, there you have it! The Member's Mark™ Israeli Ruscus is the ultimate green event superstar . From weddings to home revamps, it's here to sprinkle that touch of nature's elegance . Get ready to bring the outdoors in!Pro Tips & Tricks: How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer Before your flowers ship, they are prepared for their journey with proper hydration methods . If your flowers appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey, this is absolutely normal! Just follow these simple steps for proper rehydration and watch them bloom to their fullest potential .Unpack your flowers immediately upon arrival .Fill a clean container/vase wi


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