PAM Original Cooking Spray, 24oz.
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When you want to keep your pots and pans free from food mess, rely on Pam® Original Cooking Spray . Pam Cooking Spray prevents foods from sticking to cooking surfaces and unlike heavy oils, allows for fat-free baking and cooking .About Pam Original Cooking Spray Pam Cooking Spray is a pioneer when it comes to producing fat-free cooking oil sprays, something that is both convenient and healthier than using other oils . This spray is often used on pans when frying eggs, in casserole dishes when making potatoes au gratin and in bread pans when baking up a batch of zucchini nut loaf . This versatile product not only makes clean-up a breeze by ensuring food doesn't stick to the cooking surface but helps maintain the integrity of the meal . Food can easily be removed from the pan after cooking and onto your plate without a wrestling match between stuck-on food and your spatula, all because this cooking spray keeps surfaces greased .Who Needs Nonstick Cooking Spray?Pam Cooking Spray is a staple in homes and restaurants across the nation . This package comes with two 12-ounce cooking spray cans . Pam's formula is fat-free, so it can be used to help control calories and reduce fat intake as opposed to using other oils for greasing pans . It makes cooking and baking at home and in restaurants easier and guarantees shorter clean-up times .Are There Other Uses for Pam Original Cooking Spray?Yes! Though Pam Cooking Spray is a master at non-fat greasing and making cooking and cleaning a breeze, you may delight in knowing it can do more . Try spraying Pam on a grater before grating cheese and vegetables to make clean-up easier . Or try it when making microwave popcorn-spray popped corn with Pam and toss in your favorite seasonings to help it stick to each popcorn piece better .


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