Chinet Classic White 10-3/8' Dinner Plates (165 ct.)


Chinet® Classic White 10-3/8' Dinner Plates (165 ct.) are your solution to dining on the go and quick cleanup. These plates are resistant to leaks, cracks, tears and cuts to keep your food on your plate and not in your lap. Even better, they are made with compostable recycled materials.Are Chinet Classic White Plates Better Than Cheaper Paper Plates?A good deal on disposable plates won't do you much good if they fall apart the minute you put food on them. That's why Chinet Paper Plates are made with quality in mind first and foremost. These sturdy plates will hold up to saucy steaks, piles of mashed potatoes, giant burgers and whatever else you care to stack on them.Eco-friendly Disposable PlatesChinet Classic White dinner plates are made with the earth in mind. When you buy products made with recyclable and compostable material, you are doing your part to help the environment by keeping trash out of landfills so it can one day be used again. Buying eco-friendly paper plates might not seem like a big deal, but in truth every little bit helps.What Are The Best Paper Plates For Parties?The ones that hold up to the partiers. It doesn't matter if it is a kid's birthday party, school function or an office get-together. People can be hard on plates and you need ones that are up to the challenge. Chinet Paper Plates can be stacked by the buffet with confidence and you can know that the last piece of chocolate birthday cake isn't going to rip through and take a tumble to the floor.Don't Fear The MicrowaveChinet dinner plates are as versatile as they are tough. Not all disposable plates can take the heat of a microwave, but these are perfectly safe to use to reheat your leftovers or whatever else you need so you spend less time making food and more time eating it.*‘Compare at' price reflects verified online retail price of same or similar item, and may not be the prevailing market price.


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