Nilla Wafers Vanilla Wafer Cookies, 30 oz.
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Delicious and Versatile Vanilla Wafers Nilla Wafers are round, vanilla-flavored thin, crispy sweet cookies that offer a lightly buttery texture . These cookies make a delightful sweet snack suitable for any occasion . Whether you're looking for a quick treat on the go or a comforting snack at home, Nilla Wafers are the perfect choice . They are also Kosher certified and low in cholesterol, making them a guilt-free indulgence .Perfect for a Variety of Recipes Nilla Wafers are not just for direct consumption, they can be used in a variety of creative ways in your favorite recipes . They are ideal for dunking in sweet dips, or as a crunchy component for homemade sundaes or milkshake toppings . Crushed Nilla Wafers can form the perfect crust for pies and cheesecakes . They can be used to make homemade tagalongs by adding a dollop of peanut butter and coating with melted chocolate . Alternatively, use whole Nilla Wafers to create mini ice cream sandwich cookies, or fill them with your favorite frosting for an easy and delicious treat .Convenient Packaging for Freshness This large box contains two 15-ounce stay-fresh bags of vanilla wafers, providing about 28 servings in total . The stay-fresh bags ensure your bulk snacks remain fresh and crispy . The value-sized box is ideal for stocking your pantry at home, or can be used in commercial bakeries for an array of baked goodies .


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