Hefty Clear Heavy-Weight Plastic Spoons (300 ct.)


Hefty's premium quality clear plastic spoons are heavyweight and delivers the Hefty strength and reliability you know you can trust. The crystal-clear design matches any party décor or table setting, making them the ideal choice for your next special occasion or event. This durable cutlery is ideal for your heaviest everyday meals as well as parties, receptions, catering and more! Disposable plastic spoons make clean up fast and easy so that you can get back to the fun and spend time with your family and friends or guests. Who wants to do dishes after a party? This package includes a total of 300 spoons. Also, available are matching heavyweight clear plastic forks or a pre-packed cutlery assortment that includes a spoon, fork and knife. Make Hefty your go-to for premium quality plastic cutlery! Don't forget; Hefty is committed to ensuring you're happy with your purchase and all Hefty products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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