Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning (8 oz.)


Weber® Chicago Steak® Seasoning (8 oz.). Weber has a fantastic reputation when it comes to grilling and steak seasoning, making it a name you can trust.How Can You Use the Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning?From the name, you might imagine that this would only be useful as steak seasoning, but that's not the case at all. You will find that in addition to steak, the seasoning can work wonders for other types of proteins that you are cooking, such as pork and chicken. You'll find that it even works quite well with salmon. Whether you are cooking indoors or you are grilling in the backyard, you will want to reach for this seasoning.What's in the Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning?One of the elements that people like about the Chicago Steak Seasoning is the great taste comes through simplicity. This is a seasoning that has only a handful of ingredients, such as salt, spices and dried garlic. Together, the quality ingredients that are in the Weber steak seasoning provide a fantastic taste to your meals.Add It to Your Spice RackIf you have been hoping to find a great and simple way to improve the taste of the food that you are cooking, using this Chicago seasoning could be a great place to start. You will quickly find that it can become one of your favorite go-to spices, and this means you might want to have more than one bottle ready to go. This is especially true if you are taking it out with you when you are camping and grilling or out on a picnic where you will be grilling. Having more than one bottle of the Weber steak seasoning never hurt anyone!


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