Brownberry Whole Grains Oatnut Bread 24 oz., 2 pk.


Whole Grains Oatnut Bread with a Rich HistoryThe Brownberry Whole Grains Oatnut bread is baked with the goodness of grains, making it an excellent choice for those aiming for a balanced lifestyle. The Brownberry story began in 1946 with Catherine Clark, a determined woman with an oven, a mixer, and a second-hand delivery truck. Unable to find premium bread, she started baking her own wheat bread batch by batch, that came out of the oven looking "brown as a berry." Today, Brownberry continues her legacy, committed to bringing you bread you can believe in.Quality Ingredients for Nutritional FlavorBrownberry Oatnut bread is filled with a delicious blend of oats, sunflower seeds, and real hazelnuts. This combination provides a rich, nutritional flavor that is sure to satisfy. The brand's 'From Seed to Slice' process promises to source simple, recognizable ingredients without any added nonsense, the same kinds of ingredients you would serve to your family and friends.Committed to a Healthier WorldBrownberry is not just about producing delicious bread. They are also committed to improving the quality of their ingredients, reducing their carbon footprint, and giving back to the communities they serve. Their philosophy extends beyond their bread to the world around them, making a positive impact every day. They are dedicated to eliminating artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors from their products because they believe that better choices lead to a healthier, happier life and a rich, vibrant world.


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