Caribbean Food Jamaican Style Spicy Beef Turnovers, Frozen, 10 ct.
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With Caribbean Food Jamaican Style Spicy Beef Turnovers, Frozen, 10 ct., you can enjoy crisp and buttery pastry stuffed with seasoned ground beef for the ultimate Jamaican snack. These wholesome and vibrant patties can be a delicious meal with some sides or can be enjoyed as an everyday snack.About Caribbean Food Jamaican Style Spicy Beef TurnoversThis box contains 10 individually wrapped and frozen spicy beef turnovers, also known as empanadas de res. The crisp crust is filled with real ground beef, garlic, onions, spice blend, soy sauce and hot peppers, for a flavor that is perfectly-balanced and difficult to imitate.Who Will Love These Spiced Beef Turnovers?Anyone who enjoys Jamaican-style cuisine and craves comfort food. These beef turnovers have a bit of kick to them, but aren't too spicy that they can't be enjoyed by people of all ages. They can be eaten with your hands without making a mess, which will delight children and parents alike. Spiced beef turnovers are already baked and packaged frozen, needing only a couple of minutes in the microwave to be fully cooked. They make a delicious and easy afterschool snack or can be served at parties as a tempting appetizer.How Should I Serve These Caribbean Food Jamaican Style Spicy Beef Turnovers?These yummy and versatile spiced beef pastries can be enjoyed right out of the microwave on their own for a tasty snack, but here are some other ways to make them more satisfying:Serve as a side dish for a Caribbean-style feast alongside jerk chicken, fried plantains and steamed vegetables callalooHave a bit more fun as a snack by serving these spiced beef patties with a cool and creamy dip, like ranch or blue cheeseSlice cooked pastries in half horizontally and make Jamaican pizza. Top halved turnovers with shredded cheese and salsa and bake until the cheese has melted. Yum!


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