Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Hearty White Bread (2 pk., 24 oz.)


Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse™ Hearty White Bread (2 pk., 24 oz.) is as timeless as a pair of blue jeans or a white t-shirt, it's as American as a slice of apple pie and it's as reliable as Old Faithful. You can never go wrong with a soft-baked slice of white bread, or two in the case of a sandwich.. Even two slices, toasted with butter, make for the perfect complement to scrambled eggs for breakfast-or fried eggs, if you prefer to soak up the yolk with a piece of spongy white Pepperidge Farm bread.You can't go wrong with a slice of Pepperidge Farm farmhouse bread toasted and spread with a generous amount of thick and creamy peanut butter alongside a glass of milk. Try Pepperidge Farm white bread spread with butter and chopped garlic and placed in the oven at 300 degrees for eight or so minutes, so it comes out toasty and fragrant and ready to soak up your pasta sauce. Does This Bread Stay Soft?Like the famous Pepperidge Farm cookies, this Pepperidge Farm white bread stays soft longer than other brands. Proprietary recipes make for long-lasting freshness and softness that will keep you coming back to grab another few slices.How Thick Are The Slices of Pepperidge Farm Bread?This is called Hearty White Bread for a reason. The slices are extra thick to ensure that you are never left hungry after your lunchtime sandwich, and so it doesn't disappear when you make French toast.Why Is It Called Farmhouse Bread?The original recipe was quite literally from a farmhouse baker, Margaret Rudkin, in 1937. The recipe was timeless and the ingredients were thoughtfully chosen. The baker then was meticulous, and the Pepperidge Farm bakers now are equally so. This bread does justice to the Farmhouse name.


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