American Bakery Authentic Madeleines (28 oz., 28 ct.)


Craving something sweet but not too sweet? Baked to be firm yet delicately crunchy, these petite French Cake cookies are the answer.Why Choose American Bakery's Authentic Madeleines?The distinctive shell-shaped Madeleines are baked to perfection. Try them with a cup of coffee, tea or milk anytime of the day or night or serve with fresh berries and cream for an easy shortcake. You can even provide these at your next dinner party!Who is American Bakery?American Bakery is a minority-and family-owned and operated bakery, founded in 1984 by five immigrant brothers in pursuit of the American Dream. They gained inspiration for their baked goods from the French-inspired recipes they enjoyed as children and blended it with unique ingredients, flavors and products introduced to them in America. American Bakery hopes you will try their products soon and enjoy them with your family and friends!


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