Small T-Shirt Carry-Out Bags, 7' x 5' x 15' (2,000 ct.)
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Small T-Shirt Carry-Out Bags, 1/12 barrel, are an ideal choice for carrying various types of goods. They're made from recyclable material for an environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic bags. You can keep them at home for multiple use or drop them in a recycling bin when you're done. They're strong and sturdy, making them capable of carrying multiple products at a time. This package of T-shirt plastic bags comes with 2000 units.Are Small T-Shirt Carry-Out Bags Safe for the Environment?Plastic bags have been banned in many states due to environmental concerns, causing people to look for alternatives. These T-shirt poly bags are an ideal substitute for regular plastic bags as they look and feel the same but can be safely recycled and aren't harmful for the environment.What Can Small T-Shirt Carry-Out Bags be Used For?These small size recycled T-shirt bags have a 1/12-barrel depth that makes them suitable for various purposes. They can be used for carrying groceries or takeout food from a restaurant. You can also use this bulk pack to stock convenience stores. They're also more durable than the average plastic bag, so you can use them multiple times and save on purchasing bags when you go shopping. The T-shirt bag has a classic design that can be used to carry just about any purchase in. You can use them as grocery bags or take them along to carry food when making a takeaway purchase from a restaurant. These recycled T-shirt bags can also be made available at convenience stores for customers to use.


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