Village Hearth Cottage Bread (24 oz., 2 pk.)


Get truly 'old fashioned' taste with no artificial preservatives in Village Hearth® Cottage Bread. Village Hearth makes these delicious pre-sliced loaves to give you the taste of fresh bread in every slice. Whether you're making a sandwich, a piece of toast or anything else with Village Hearth Cottage Bread, you'll love the good country-inspired taste of this bread.What are the Per Slice Nutrition Facts for Cottage Bread?Each slice of the bread, which is considered a serving size, has 90 calories and one gram of fat. There is no saturated fat or trans fat. There is also no cholesterol. A slice has 180 mg of sodium. Each slice has 17 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of which are sugars and less than one gram of which is dietary fiber. There are three grams of protein in a slice. The loaf contains 20 slices in all.Does the Cottage Loaf Bread Have Bleached Flour in it?Village Hearth does not use any bleached flour when making their fresh baked breads, and that includes the Cottage Bread. They also make fresh buns and there isn't any bleached flour used in those either. It'd the company's policy not to bake its breads with bleached flour or bromates.Where Is the Best Place to Store Village Hearth Bread?Many people have been known to store bread in the refrigerator because they believe it keeps the bread good for longer. The truth is, you should not store loaves of bread in the refrigerator. This can cause the bread to go stale much faster. Choose a place that keeps the bread at room temperature. You need a cool, dry area to keep loaves of bread in that doesn't get direct sunlight, like a pantry. Also, you can freeze the bread to keep it for longer.


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