EA Sports PGA Tour - PS5
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Welcome to the exclusive home of major championship golf. Compete in the PGA Tour's best events in the season-long chase for the FedExCup. Conquer the top Amateur Championships including the Augusta National Women's Amateur, the U.S. Amateur, and other elite international amateur events. Pure Strike provides unique golf swings with a fluid feel and realistic outcomes on every golf shot. Pure Strike combines golfer-specific tendencies with unique Course Dynamics and revolutionized Ball Behavior for the premier golf gameplay experience. Unique Course Dynamics backed by a rigorous course tuning process from tee to green ensures no two golf courses play the same. Every fairway, green, and rough is meticulously scanned, handcrafted, and uniquely tuned to simulate the individual nuances of different courses and terrain variables like undulations, ground cover, and grass type. Revolutionized Ball Behavior delivers next-gen responsiveness, so once your shot lands, the golf ball spins, bounces, dribbles, and rolls as it would in real life. As your golf game improves, so does your path to becoming a major champion with unified RPG progression. Create and customize a golfer, then develop your skills so you can master each course and learn to attack every hole like a pro. Rated E. From Electronic Arts.