FIRST EDITIONS 3 Gal. Twilight Magic Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) Live Flowering Shrub, Purple Foliage and Bright Pink Flowers (1-Pack)
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Pretty pink clusters of bubblegum flowers burst out from dark green and purple foliage, painting the sky with their joyful blooms all summer long. Crape myrtle Twilight Magic is a stunning choice for both foliage and flower, and makes a fantastic boarder planting, garden specimen, or accent plant. Even when not in bloom, the soft, plum-colored branches add garden interest from spring to fall. An easy-care shrub, Twilight Magic resists disease particularly well and will thrive in any sunny spot. The candy-colored flowers attract butterflies and are naturally deer resistant, making Twilight Magic the perfect addition to your landscape. Plant will be shipped in dormant state potentially from fall to early spring (metabolic inactivity-shredded foliage and minimal branches). Please note that plant will/can produce full size flowers in the first year with proper care and optimal growing environment.


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