16-Channel HD-Coaxial 8MP Surveillance Security Cameras System 4TB w/ 16 Wired 4K 4-in-1 Analog 2.8 mm Fixed Lens Turret


GW Security's surveillance system is the perfect choice for your home or business using high definition video over coax cable. Resolution is at top of your priority list to ensure the images captured are usable. Increase security with our new HD over Coax technology providing high-resolution images and video that allow you to spot details - such as facial features or license plate numbers - that lower resolution systems simply do not provide. This becomes useful when monitoring suspicious activity. High-performance upgrade, low upgrade costs, cameras can connect to existing RG59 coaxial cables, eliminating the need for new wiring. No interference with your network, these systems can be operated stand alone, no network connection required. P2P remote access using your smartphone means video from the coaxial system can be viewed anywhere in the world with an internet connection, providing peace of mind no matter the location or time of day. This DVR has a greater advantage because it utilizes the new H.265 high video compression technology to store more video while using less hard drive space. This surveillance system is designed to include all of the latest and greatest features for viewing live and recorded video including 24/7 recording, motion recording, object masking, mobile alerts, audio and much more.


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