Drift 3 Gal. Popcorn Rose Bush with Soft Yellow Flowers (2-Pack)
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Are you looking to add soft colors to enhance continuous elegance in your garden? The Popcorn drift rose bush will do just that with its repetitive blooming throughout the year. It features a slight color change that will amaze you!The popcorn rose color starts as a soft yellow and fades to cream white blooms. The overall impression is yellow and cream reminiscent of buttery popcorn hence its name. Contrasting dark green foliage lies under the yellow flowers.Drift Roses are a cross full-size ground cover roses and miniature roses. They gained durability, disease resistance, and winter hardiness from the full size ground cover roses. The drift series rose bushes gained a healthy size and repeat-blooming nature from the miniatures.They enhance edgings, fill empty spaces, and spread elegantly around established plants, small gardens, or rock walls. Yellow drift roses are low maintenance and will reward you with endless color all season long.To create an array of colors, plant with other shrub roses like Pink Drift Rose or Peach Drift Rose.


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