Rule 12-24-32 VDC Float Switch Plus with Shield and In-Line Fuse Holder
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Sleek and rugged, the Rule-A-Matic Float Switch Plus with Sheild and In-Line Fuse Holder and 12-24-32 VDC has a strong, fully integrated, impact-resistant cover that protects against debris and jamming. It features highly abrasive resistant marine grade wire and a built-in test feature. A standard bilge pump operates by a control switch that senses water and activates the pump. Rule's Float Switches offer outstanding performance with extra-large float chambers for increased buoyancy and detachable mounting bases that make them easier to install and remove for cleaning and inspection. All models are suitable for pumps that draw up to 20A, except the Model 35 Rule-A-Matic, which is suitable up to 14A. Year after year, the Rule-A-Matic Float Switch has been the switch of choice for boaters around the world. Rule Industries latest design now includes a removable base for easy cleaning and servicing, a mercury-free snap-switch tested to over one million cycles, and marine-grade blocked wire.


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