Miles Lubricants Milesyn SB 10W40 API GF-5/SN 55 Gal. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Drum
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Milesyn SB 10-Watt to 40-Watt synthetic blend Passenger Car Engine Oils are designed to meet the most demanding lubrication requirements of todays naturally aspirated, turbo-charged, super-charged gasoline engines and ethanol containing fuels up to E85. They are specially formulated with a blend of synthetic and conventional base oils designed for higher mileage vehicles with enhanced oxidation stability and seal swell agents to help tighten engine component clearances that may have widened over excess Miles causing increased engine wear. Recommended For Applications: API SN ILSAC GF-5 Applications: Milesyn SB 10W40 synthetic blend Passenger Car Engine Oils are designed with higher mileage cars in mind. Special additives are utilized to address common problems associated with older vehicles. This fluid will help reduce oil consumption, prevent oil leakage and prevent loss of power and performance. Proprietary seal swell additives recondition seals, prevent oil loss and provide excellent overall lubrication and internal engine wear protection. TYPICAL PROPERTIES: SAE Grade 10W-40 Viscosity, cSt at 100C 15.65 Viscosity, CCS cP at 6500 (-25) Viscosity, cSt at 40C 109.10 Viscosity Index 152 Pour Point, C -40 Zinc, Wt. (%) 0.085 Phosphorous, Wt. (%) 0.075 Calcium, Wt. (%) 0.200 NOACK, Wt. (%) 14.5 Density 7.26 API Service SN, SM, SL X.


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