GE 15 ft. RG6 In-Wall Rated Quad Shield Coaxial Cable in Black
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Gain superior signal quality with the GE-branded Pro 15 ft. RG6 Quad-Shield Coax Cable. This high-performance coax cable lets you easily join together any two video components equipped with F-type jacks. Expand your entertainment system by connecting your cable box, satellite receiver, antenna, DVR and more to your TV. With four layers of shielding, this cable gives you twice that of standard RG6 cables. This gray, RG6 coax cable protects against interference and maximizes transfer speeds for the clearest audio and video connection. To ensure crisp signal quality, the cable also features a corrosion resistant compression connector and solid core conductor. This high-quality, 15 ft. coax cable is designed with a flame-retardant jacket for safe use in walls, letting you keep cables hidden for a neat and tidy entertainment setup. Best of all, it does not require any hardwiring. Simply attach the connectors onto the F-type jacks located on the back of each component or wall plate. Upgrade your home entertainment system with the GE-branded Pro 15ft. RG6 Quad-Shield Coax Cable.


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