APEC Water Systems 20 in. Big Blue Specialty Nitrate Reduction Replacement Water Filter Cartridge
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FI-NITRATE20-BB use strong base anion exchange resins which are supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads. These resins are especially useful in treating nitrate contamination due to their ability to remove nitrates preferentially in the presence of sulfates and other divalent ions. Nitrates have no detectable color, taste or smell at the concentrations involved in drinking water supplies, and they do not cause discoloration of plumbing fixtures, so they remain undetectable to our senses. Often found in rural areas, nitrate levels should not exceed 10 mg/L based on EPA standards. This is especially important for newborn infants because their bodies are particularly susceptible to negative health effects of nitrates. Getting nitrate-free water has never been easier. The FI-NITRATE20-BB filter has a capacity of 25,000 ppm (mg/L) and will fit in our 20 in. Big Blue housings. To calculate how many gallons the Nitrate Reduction Filter can last for the Nitrate level in your source water, take capacity level (25,000 ppm for 20 in. Nitrate Filter or 12,000 ppm for 10 in. Nitrate Filter) and divide it by the Nitrate Level from your water before it enters the filter. Example (1): If the Nitrate level in your water is 0.5 ppm. It can treat up to 50,000 Gal. (25,000 ppm / 0.5 ppm) for 20 in. Nitrate Filter or treat up to 24,000 gallons (12,000 ppm / 0.5 ppm) for 10 in. Nitrate Filter.


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