Xhun Audio LittleOne Analog Modeling Virtual Synthesizer Software, Download


An innovative and sophisticated tool for music creation, the LittleOne Analog Modeling Virtual Synthesizer Software is a professional-grade, high-quality digital solution that emulates the rich, warm sound of legendary hardware analog synthesizers. This advanced software meticulously simulates the entire signal path, replicating the unique frequency responses and ranges of each component found in the original hardware, from oscillators and filters to envelopes and LFOs. The LittleOne software offers an all-in-one synthesizer, sequencer, trance gate, and rack/FX setup, providing a comprehensive tool for musicians and producers. The software's analog components emulation feature simulates the authentic micro-instability and imperfections of analog technology, adding depth and authenticity to your sound. The software includes two aliasing-free Analog Modeled Oscillators with a Continuous Wave Selection mode, a 4-Pole resonant Low Pass filter modeled on the classic Ladder, and two 4-Stage (ADSR) Envelope Generators with exponential response. The modulation LFO includes the original waveforms and frequency ranges, and the software also offers monophonic/polyphonic mode, pitch bend ranges, and a MIDI Channel selector, all accessible from the LittleOne LED display. With over 350 ready-to-use presets covering a wide range of styles, from Vintage Analogue to FM, to contemporary cutting-edge Techno/Trance to Psychoacoustic sounds and SFX, the LittleOne Analog Modeling Virtual Synthesizer Software offers versatility and creativity. It also includes original Little Phatty patches (Stage Edition and Tribute Edition), a built-in 16-step MIDI sequencer (XSQ16M), a built-in 16-step Trancegate effect (GATED!), and two master effects slots with a range of options. The LittleOne synthesizer software supports sample rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz and is compatible with full MIDI CC#s mapping. Additional commercial soundbanks/patches are also available for further customization. Embrace the beauty of imperfection and the richness of analog sound with the LittleOne Analog Modeling Virtual Synthesizer Software.



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