NewBlueFX Essentials 5 Volume 3 Software Plug-In, Electronic Download
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Remove blemishes and wrinkles, correct white balance, sharpen details and more. Adjust the way your colors feel in no time. Create The Best Version Adjust the lightest and darkest regions of your image with Dual Booster, to produce the best possible version of your picture. Correct White Balance Gamma Corrector allows you to change white balance and add film gamma to fix white balance issues. Selectively Sharpen Details Boost details in your video by selecting a color region and boosting its contrast values with Sharpen. Fix Skin Imperfections Remove blemishes and wrinkles from your subject while preserving natural skin tone with Skin Touch Up. Get A Widescreen Look Use Progressive Stretch to format your video into widescreen without sacrificing image quality or black sidebars. Create A Professional Composition Proportion Helper offers a variety of preset templates to guide you towards creating a professional composition. Perfect Your Colors Fix color balance, adjust saturation and brightness and preserve blacks and whites to produce the perfect image with Color Fixer Pro. Enhance Your Image Quality Detail by Chroma allows you to focus on a specific color region within a picture. Sharpen the detail and boost the contrast of the chosen region to modify the value of your entire video. Create A Polished Look Edge Smoother softens jagged edges of text and graphics selectively to produce smooth, polished titles and pictures.



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