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Xara Web Designer Create Unique Website in a few clicks Designed For Your Passions Design websites in just a few clicks! Xara Web Designer is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to easily build new, modern, and responsive websites. Responsive Websites Exactly To Your Needs With a range of professionally-designed templates, you can create your own web page online in a few easy steps. The Complete Package For Web Design And Hosting Xara Web Designer provides you with one full year of free access to our Online-Content-Catalog, which is packed full of additional content for your website. The Premium version also offers extra hosting & a domain for one year. Online Content Catalog Design a website that perfectly fits your needs. The Online Content Catalog contains a large selection of website templates, design elements, graphics, photos and dynamic effects. Captivate your website's visitors with dynamic, exciting web design. Includes hosting & your own domain Upload your website with just one click. Simply focus on your website's design while we take care of the rest. With the Premium version, you get 2,000 MB web storage space and your own domain free for 1 full year. The New Xara Web Designer. Designed For Your Passions. Create a professional website with attention to detail that reflects the passion you have for your project. It's quick and easy with the new HiDPI program interface, Smart Duplication, intuitive handles, as well as the many templates and design elements available in the Online-Content-Catalog. New Features For An Optimized Workflow We have streamlined the process of web design to make it more intuitive and easier for you. This way, you can create professional websites even faster. Handles with a new look Whether for scaling content or defining the rotation angle, the new, large handles in Xara Web Designer for SmartShapes, the selection tool, QuickShape tool and Shape tool make creating your own websites easier than ever before. New publishing workflow Get online in no time at all - you can now publish websites and documents in one centralized and intuitive web export window with the new publishing workflow. HiDPI program interface Discover the new, razor-sharp HiDPI program interface with your 4K monitor. Thanks to this, you can fine-tune your website down to the smallest detail without straining your eyes. Save settings Your own customized button palette, ready to use - even when you upgrade to the new version, your settings and custom modifications to your program version are now preserved in Xara Web Designer. Improved import & export Concentrate on what's important - import and export have been optimized, enabling you to dive right in and focus 100% on the web design process. Improved SVG import SVG files & vector graphics can be scaled without any loss of quality - essential for web design. The new Xara Web Designer enables you to import files in their original size and without empty elements, which frees up more time for great design. Improved HTML export Improved HTML export results in smaller files, which means improved Google rankings, faster previewing and publishing as well as a better overall browsing experience for your website's visitors. New Web Functions For User-Friendly Websites A positive user experience will keep visitors to your website coming back for more. Achieve this by making important documents available for download and using search engine optimization (SEO) to attract new users to your site. WebP import & export Thanks to WebP, the format for faster websites, your website offers a better user experience for visitors and ranks higher on search engines. WebP compresses photos and graphics for your websites without any loss of quality and allows for shorter loading times. Search engine optimization Easily apply additional search engine optimizations like nofollow links and optimized image data in Xara Web Designer. This helps improve your Google ranking. Open Graph support Define what text you want to appear when users share your website on social media. Open Graph support allows you to edit the metadata of your homepage to customize the text for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & other social media platforms. Publish documents online Publish documents and presentations on your web domain and make them available for download. The modern navigation bar will help your visitors to move around your site. New Design Functions More Options for Layouts With perfectly symmetrical, horizontal and vertical patterns made of objects and elements, precisely displayed tables and individual fonts, you can easily achieve the fine details of web design that make professional websites. Smart Duplication Use the Smart Duplication feature to create perfectly spaced patterns of objects and elements. No matter whether horizontal or vertical, you can quickly achieve professional results with just one click. The spacing is identical and can be adjusted simultaneously, so the result is always perfectly symmetrical. Smart Layout diagrams Edit graphs the way you want and get perfect results every time with Smart Layout technology. With a few easy clicks you can add, rearrange, and remove sections while your design remains evenly spaced at all times. 1020+ Google fonts The latest trends in typography, ready to be discovered. Browse over one thousand different Google fonts to find the perfect one for your project, and design headings and texts that will captivate viewers. Activate for free and start using them right away! New In The Online-Content-Catalog Custom Design Elements & Templates Automatic header designs Highlight important quotes and texts using Text Panels. These adjust to perfectly fit the length of your text so it gets the attention it deserves. Timelines Using timelines you can clearly display growth trends, processes or the development of your projects. 15 charts Draw connections and create associations for viewers by using one of 15 different templates for charts. Present Projects In A Professional Way On Your Own Custom Website Choose from hundreds of templates, images, graphics and other content to give your creative projects the attention they deserve. Web Design Simply Smart. Design high-quality websites for your hobby, business, brand, events or portfolio. It's easy. No programming experience required. Browse a wide variety of professionally designed templates and personalize it to perfectly fit your needs. Responsive web design Xara Web Designer delivers everything needed to create websites for any kind of device, whether smartphone, tablet or PC. Exporting your website as a HTML file ensures that it will display correctly on the end device. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization in the program helps you improve your website's Google ranking and attract even more visitors. Optimized image data Add names, keywords or alt text to your images to provide search engines with additional information about your website. This makes it easier for them to identify your website content so that they can better evaluate the relevance of your site for users. Optimized links Nofollow links enable you to improve your website's Google ranking. Links that you can't vouch for or are not sure about can be made invisible to search engines. This way your website will be assessed as trustworthy and you'll be able to receive more visitors. Animation For Interactive Websites Design an interactive website to catch the attention of your web page's visitors. Parallax scrolling Bring dynamics and depth to your website with parallax scrolling. The fades and animations allow individual layers to move at different speeds. Reveal effects Ensure pleasant surprises: Reveal effects allow you to gradually fade in elements when users scroll through your page. Sticky objects Fix elements such as navigation bars to a position on your website. Sticky objects are unaffected by scrolling and remain visible at the same position. Widgets for panorama photo sliders, forms and more Design an interactive website to impress your web page's visitors. Easily create a modern and user-friendly online presence using the photo slider from the Online Content Catalog and other third-party widgets that are simple to embed in your website. Simple, Impressive Design It's the details that will make your site perfect. Advanced image editing Transform your photos into true works of art. Easily customize the colors, contrast and brightness of your photos directly within the program. Create the right impression using high-quality photo filters. Magic Color Match Gives your website a perfectly homogeneous appearance. Use the Magic Color Match feature to generate an entire color scheme from a photo in a single click, which you can apply to any template you want. The result: Your website's colors match each other perfectly. Magic Resize So your Facebook post is ready, but you also need one for Instagram? Adjust and resize posts for use on other social media platforms in just a few clicks. Text and graphic elements are automatically adjusted and scaled perfectly.



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