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Creative Video Editing. Made Simple. Making a captivating video has never been this easy. Movie Edit Pro brings together efficient cutting tools, extensive optimization options and up to 1,500 effects and titles in a single, powerful video editing program. Bring your creative ideas to life, 100% the way you imagined. Movie Edit Pro. It's time to create amazing videos! 1. Import media Import recordings from video- and DSLR cameras or smartphones. All your clips can then be viewed in the Mediapool in Movie Edit Pro and you can drag & drop them into your projects. 2. Edit videos Is your combined video footage longer than the event itself? You can easily trim it in no time at all using the practical cutting modes in Movie Edit Pro. 3. Add the final touches Got choppy footage or recordings that are too dark or too light? Movie Edit Pro offers the tools you need to rescue and reuse video clips of special moments. You can then apply titles, transitions and effects to really make your film shine. 4. Present your films Is your finished film ready for sharing with family and friends? Burn DVD and Blu-ray Discs, share your films online and enjoy the results on TV in the highest 8K UltraHD quality. Edit videos - whether you're a beginner or an advanced user Movie Edit Pro takes different levels of experience into account: Scenes you're not happy with can be removed fully automatically, or you can work manually. Work with the full support of wizards and cutting tools. A workflow that's always simple. Editing wizards Wizards offer help for the entire workflow, from media transfer from your camera to burning a finished film to DVD. Editing and movie templates even enable you to skip time-consuming cutting. Select a template, add material, select a scene - that's it! Flexible program interface You can choose between the simplified storyboard view or the more detailed timeline for more detailed video editing. Easily customize the size and positioning of your workspace to suit your own editing workflow. Multicam editing Ideal for events that are filmed simultaneously with multiple cameras. In multicam code, you can simply click to define which recording should display, and when - Movie Edit Pro makes automatic cuts as you work. This saves you time when making raw cuts, and adding different angles gives your film a professional touch. Optimize videos - with quick auto functions or in detail Got footage that's choppy, poorly lit or contains dull colors? Specialist tools in Movie Edit Pro take care of these issues so that you can use each and every one of your recordings for films. Professional image stabilization Action cam footage or videos that came out shaky because of wind or the lack of a tripod can be easily stabilized with VEGAS video stabilization, now included in the program. Automatic shot match Want to recreate the look of your favorite film, or a specific video? The automatic shot match tool applies the color, brightness and contrast values from an existing video to any part of your movie project. Detailed color correction Dark video or washed out colors? Modify brightness, contrast and color fully automatically or manually - the Plus and Premium versions even allow you to work selectively on individual color ranges. Create videos - with up to 1,500 effects and elements Titles, transitions, slow motion, camera pans, intros, outros, travel route animation, music, sound effect and lots more: Discover the massive library of effects offered by Movie Edit Pro! This diverse, high-quality collection is Perfect for adding drama and variety to movies. Over 650 titles & transitions From informative to funny. Subtle to stupendous. Static to animated. Find the perfect titles and transitions for a film scene, or customize your settings to get the desired result. Film music & sound effects The right music and background sounds breathe life into videos. Movie Edit Pro offers a range of acoustic effects and sounds, from classic movie score to rock and birdsong to ocean waves. Of course, you can also add your own songs too. Layer masks Create impressive effects, image compositions, or even your own transitions. Highlight specific areas or an image or have creative titles appear on-screen. Features The Future Is Now Infusion Engine 2 | Film Looks | 8k Uhd | Hidpi Interface With the new 2021 version of Movie Edit Pro, the future of video editing is now. Discover a whole new level of image quality thanks to the HiDPI program interface and full 8K Ultra HD support. Enjoy hardware acceleration for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards as well as a new workflow for smartphone videos. Improved image quality. Faster editing. More possibilities. The new Movie Edit Pro 2021. INFUSION Engine 2 - Intel, NVIDIA & AMD support The biggest leap in Movie Edit Pro performance in years is noticeable right away! Version 2 of the INFUSION Engine now offers support for Intel, NVIDA and AMD graphics cards. The result is a seamless project preview without the need for time-consuming rendering or creating proxy files. Less waiting around during editing. More time for creating amazing videos. NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate | 250 templates in 27 Filters Give your videos the perfect look: The comprehensive effects pack Filters 5 Ultimate provides all the right tools for professional color correction, impressive color grading and making motifs stand out in your footage. These can be applied automatically via pre-made templates, or more precisely by using effects supplied by 27 video filters. Create impressive films by applying atmospheric colors, light effects and a custom film look. Included effect packs: NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus | Recreate | Recolor | ColorFast 2 Always razor sharp - 8K | Ultra HD | HiDPI GUI Movie Edit Pro 2021 delivers video editing and films that are at the highest level of video quality. High-resolution. Rich in detail. Razor sharp. The same can be said of the new HiDPI program interface too. 8K Ultra HD Edit and present films in 8K Ultra HD. The new, one-of-a-kind INFUSION Engine 2 allows you to play your new high-resolution video material in realtime. This means you can view your footage during the editing process - no waiting around. HiDPI program interface Do font and dialogs appear too small on-screen at higher resolution? No problem. With the new HiDPI program interface, everything on-screen looks razor-sharp at all times, even when you zoom in. Redesigned icons, preview videos and control elements all make Version 2021 the most aesthetic Movie Edit Pro yet. Everything you need for your smartphone videos - Automatic alignment | Templates | Image border effects Improved workflow Vertical videos made using smartphone are recognized directly upon import and are automatically rotated to the mode in which they were originally filmed. As well as project and export templates, the program now includes templates for vertical videos. Social media templates and image border effects Ready to showcase your videos online? New project templates for social media clips in vertical and square formats make it easy to create videos for any kind of portal or app. Creative image border effects conceal distracting black borders in videos with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Edit videos faster than ever before - Start dialog | Color Picker | Cutting modes A range of new optimizations to workflow allow you to achieve outstanding results, easily and in no time at all. This frees up more time for what's important: Creating amazing videos. Color picker in title editor - Fast color matching for image and titles Find the right title color for each and every scene. The color picker lets you easily select a desired color from an image and transfer it to the title. This can be done quickly using the pipette or more precisely with manual color settings. No matter the method, image and title are perfectly matched. More intuitive start dialog - Find the right project template faster The new start dialog features a clearer, scaled back layout. Project templates are now named and arranged more clearly in the program, so you can find the ideal project settings faster and start editing your videos right away. Split and trim - 1-click editing with direct preview This new tool is designed to save you lots of time. Viewing and cutting your video material can now all be done via the timeline. A real-time preview can been seen in the video monitor at all times. You can cut or trim your videos per mouse click. Optimized transition menu - 1-click selection for transitions Built-in transition icons enable you to find the transition you're looking for at a glance. Quick access for previously used transitions as well as your favorites is included. You can also try out the random transition selector, which includes a search filter for specific transition types and groups. Latest effects With a fantastic range of new effects, you can enhance your movies in no time at all. From image effects to travel route animations and dynamic titles - get creative and give each and every one of yo



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